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Bird Dog Pharma Allergy In-House Services

As a primary care provider, you want to ensure that your patients receive quality care and the best services possible. So, as much as you can, you’d like to be able to cater to health concerns and improve outcomes by providing a wide range of healthcare services.

Numerous healthcare providers now offer medical ancillary services, a beneficial resource for patients to utilize throughout their treatment. These services typically involve supportive therapies and specialized diagnostic procedures that help most doctors and physicians when they treat and diagnose.

That being said, including ancillary services in your business helps you cater to the expanded population’s increased demands in healthcare. However, most physicians and doctors often address these by merging with other hospitals, practices, or practice groups. While this is done with good intent, you simultaneously lose your control as the primary decision maker for your practice, thereby affecting your future income and putting you at the mercy of the people in charge.

Fortunately, there is an alternate solution that helps you resolve both dilemmas at the same time.

Big Dog Pharma Services

Since 2015, Big Dog Pharma Services has been serving clinics and independent medical providers in Texas. We ensure that our invaluable services provide patients with maximum benefits while minimizing disruptions and risks to providers’ daily workflow.

Here, we want you to cater to a wide range of healthcare concerns with no overhead medical ancillary services. Through a collaborative partnership, we can work hand in hand in enhancing the quality of care, driving bottom-line revenue, and creating better patient outcomes as you go.

How It Started

Twenty years in the healthcare industry allowed me to witness the many changes that health service providers had to deal with. Because of this, I have experienced firsthand the shift in the market. Not to mention, providers have to work twice as hard in production to sustain income due to increased reimbursement obstacles and overhead. These occurrences can inevitably be a heavy burden that hampers your services’ effort, time, and quality.

I founded Bird Dog Pharma, intending to exclusively collaborate with medical clinics and private physicians while providing constant financial and professional growth avenues. By partnering with us, we can mutually benefit by helping me grow my medical practice and providing you with in-house ancillary services that we efficiently deliver.

Why Work with Us?

Here at Bird dog Pharma, we provide you with immediate solutions regarding ancillary services. Now that healthcare costs are gradually rising alongside reimbursement and insurance billing problems, most doctors seek additional income revenue streams. Bird Dog Pharma can help you with these, all without having to pay a hefty fee for upfront costs. With that, here are some of the reasons why you should consider working with us:

Years of Experience

Our company has been up and running since 2015, which means that we have long served and witnessed a variety of health care concerns and cases promptly addressed. Because of this, you can assure that you’re partnering with a group of experts and highly-trained staff who aims to provide patients the best services just like you do.

Accessible and Convenient

Your patients get the luxury and convenience of having these services just within your office by providing in-house services. This means that they won’t have to go through the trouble of traveling to other locations or scheduling extra medical appointments. Furthermore, we also take care of out-of-pocket payer collections and billings in addition to providing you with ready results within 24 hours.

No Overhead Services required 

You also won’t need to bother with hiring additional employees or purchasing new equipment, which could only further strain your budget. Here, Big Dog Pharma is in charge of all the supplies, equipment, and staff vital in completing your medical ancillary services in the office. You can ensure a more streamlined and efficient workflow with additional staff members who help in processing samples, billing, and operating equipment.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured

Bird Dog Pharma is a licensed, insured, and bonded company that provides in-house laboratory services to your patients that are turn-key and affordable. More than that, we also make sure to observe safety protocols while giving you excellent patient compliance. In addition, various treatment programs let you offer patient-specific care, which helps ensure that treatments are highly efficient.

With our services, you can guarantee a continuity of quality patient care without the need to compromise your revenue streams or income.