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In-Network Laboratory

Routine Results Delivered the Next Day


In-Network With Most Insurance Plans

Phlebotomists Available


Comprehensive Portfolio of Services

​​Bird Dog Pharma ​is in-network with most major payers. We are not investor owned and do not have to keep prices high to maximize our stock price. ​Our pricing to insured payers is less overall than national labs, and can help lower your patients’ out-of-pocket expenses.

General Chemistry

  • Phlebotomy, clinical and anatomic pathology
  • Next day turnaround
  • Portal and EMR integration
  • Phlebotomist Can Be Provided!
  • Improves patient convenience and compliance
  • Your patients will never be sent to collections


  • Specific IgE results with an easy, accurate blood test
  • 60 most common regional allergens
  • In-office Immunotherapy Treatment available!


  • Safety, compliance, and peace of mind
  • Prescription monitoring
  • Avoid diversion
  • Protects your patients and your practice

Heart Panel

  • Advanced Cardiovascular testing
  • ​CVD early detection and prevention
  • 50% of heart attacks occur in patients with normal cholesterol

Wellness Panels

  • Metabolic, thyroid, lipid, reproductive
  • Personalized women’s panels
  • Personalized men’s panels

Did You Know?

​1 out of 3 people in the U.S. have allergies or allergy related symptoms, according to the CDC.

Did You Know?

​Allergies are the 5th leading chronic disease and the 3rd most common in children.

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