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Custom Allergy Immunotherapy Drops 


The business of Medicine has been drastically changing in recent years. Overhead is rising, and reimbursement obstacles have increased. In addition, insurance companies have been reducing their fees. As a result, you are being forced to work harder to increase your production rate to maintain the same level of income you had in the prior years. These risks and disruptions affect the daily workflow, affecting the overall quality of care and bottom-line revenue. These challenges and experiences inspired our CEO, Johnny Gilbert, to make Bird Dog Pharma – a Medicare credentialed Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF).

Bird Dog Pharma was founded back in 2015 and has been proudly serving in the great State of Texas since then. We are an authentic Medical Ancillary Services company that has been dramatically serving independent medical providers and clinics. Our company helps ensure maximum benefits to providers and patients with minimal disruptions.

Our mission is to assist Primary Care Providers with in-office turnkey allergy solutions that would help improve their patient’s quality of life, better patient outcomes, enhance continuity of care, and drive bottom-line revenue. We achieve these by eliminating the financial and staffing burdens that typically affect productivity rates while delivering comprehensive testing, screening, and treatment programs.

Allergy Services

In recent years, the need for Allergy Services has been dramatically increasing, with the number of Allergy Specialists declining. We also recognize that allergies are different for every patient and that it can be a problem finding the allergy drops that are most suitable for one. With that being said, this is the trouble that we aim to eradicate. In the allergy services that we offer, we provide custom allergy immunotherapy drops that are guaranteed to fit the unique needs of every patient.

How Does It Work?

We can pinpoint the exact allergen by obtaining a blood sample from the patient and testing it with about 165 allergens. In addition to that, we have placed positive and negative controls for maximum accuracy. This extensive but swift process allows us to create the perfect custom allergy immunotherapy drops to treat the patient’s allergies.

What Makes Us Different

Apart from the unique and precise approach we take to provide medical solutions against allergies, we are famous for the following qualities:

  • Our services are easily accessible
  • Our 2-minute finger prick test is free from any hassle and stress
  • No extra tech and additional equipment needed
  • Great quality service
  • It won’t disrupt your daily workflow
  • No need for patients to stop taking any medications
  • Can test anyone at any time at your convenience
  • We can test patients within a week
  • We can personalize immunotherapy drops or shots to fit the patient’s needs
  • Only 6 to 8 blood drops are needed to conduct an extensive allergen test
  • No additional work for your staff
  • Guarantee to cater to all your patient’s needs
  • Insurance covered

Benefits of Allergy Services Provided by Bird Dog

When it comes to benefits, Bird Dog also aims to excel by providing unique factors. For patient benefits, they guarantee the effectiveness of the custom allergy immunotherapy drops. Unlike OTC medications which only mask allergy symptoms and have adverse effects, immunotherapy is the only proven successful protocol that battles the disease.

It is the best treatment procedure that can fully treat the disease and alter the underlying disease process. Patients who lack “Specialist” coverage will experience excellent quality allergy services with quick turnaround times. For example, 85% of our immunotherapy patients have successfully reduced their allergy symptoms and prescribed medications within six months.

As for the practice benefits, Bird Dog aims to fill a gap in the market by providing unique approaches to allergy treatment. This creates an opportunity for revenue for you to attract new patients. Primary Care Providers, compared to allergists, have been 3x more successful when it comes to patient compliance and retention. Our program facilitates quick and easy testing allergy services, which will allow you to become cash flow positive from the first try. We offer a significant increase in your practice revenue without the need to hire additional staff and an increase in capital investments.

The Allergy Services we provide at Bird Dog are convenient for both the patients and practitioners without the hassle of acquiring more workforce and disrupting workflow. So give us a call now, and let us work together.

Why Bird dog?

Benefits of Working With Us


Serving Texans Since 2015



Local, Accessible, and Accountable to Your Success



Custom Tailored Solutions to Fit Your Needs



No Additional Employees or Overhead Required



True Turnkey Business Solutions



In-Network Insurance Contracts



All Commercial PPO Plans, some HMO's



Licensed, Bonded, and Insured


Insurances We Accept


Medicare and replacements
Molina (not marketplace)

Traditional Medicaid
Tricare South
And more…

Why I Started Bird Dog

Having worked in the healthcare industry for close to 20 years, I have seen many of the changes providers have faced. From my days as a flight medic in the United States Air Force, to working in the ER, to knocking on doors as a Medical Sales Rep I have seen and felt the shift in the market.

Insurance companies are reducing their fees and you are forced to increase your production to maintain the same level of income that you had in prior years. Overhead is rising and the reimbursement obstacles have only increased… Sound familiar?

It was because of my experiences and challenges that I founded Bird Dog Pharma – a Medicare credentialed Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF), in 2015. We collaborate exclusively with independent physicians and medical clinics in order to achieve both professional and financial growth through the promotion and management of our in-office business solutions.

With backgrounds in sales, marketing, medical billing and coding, we truly understand the business of medicine. I invite you to explore our website and learn more about the in-office ancillary solutions we efficiently deliver. I personally look forward to partnering with you, your staff, and your patients.

Johnny Gilbert, CEO


Raving Fans

Quick test results. Easy to interpret report. Quality service!

Lillian Jones, MD

Bird Dog’s Services Program has streamlined my practice and patient workflow.

John Lemmon, MD

I highly recommend Johnny’s PSA business model. Very convenient and profitable!

Darshan Khan, MD

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