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Primary Care and Ancillary Services

 As a primary care provider, the majority of your time is spent ensuring that patients are receiving quality and efficient care while meeting regulations. To do this effectively and help save you overhead costs, you can add ancillary services to your practice. Many physicians would like to offer additional in-house services such as drug testing, but do not want the cost of purchasing or leasing equipment. This can be costly and require that you have at least one trained staff member available for this task. In addition your billing department will now need more work with submitting claims to the various insurance companies as well as following up on denials and medical records requests which could take time away from patient care duties. More and more private practice physicians are choosing to merge with other practices, group practices, or hospitals. With this decision comes a loss of control as the main physician for your own medical practice – you’re now an employee. You become at the mercy of others in charge who might make decisions about future income that affect you negatively. But not all hope is lost!

Have you ever wondered how to increase your income without any upfront costs? Bird Dog Pharma offers a turn-key solution that provides additional services for patients. We’re here to help doctors with the rising healthcare cost and insurance headaches, so they can focus on what matters most: their patients! With us, you can have all the ancillary services your patients need in one convenient location. That means no more scheduling extra appointments and having to travel elsewhere for these services! All results are sent directly back to you (1-2 days) so we take care of everything from billing out-of-pocket providers like yourself right down to processing claims with insurance companies on our end. We also provide a full suite of additional support such as patient follow up, ongoing practice management assistance through staff training & development programs designed specifically by some of today’s most successful doctors – even front desk customer service is available when necessary! Our goal here at Bird Dog Pharma is simple: To make life easier for healthcare professionals everywhere while giving their patients access to better quality care.

Faced with rising operational costs, Physicians/Doctors are looking to diversify in ways that result in enhanced income. One option is for physicians to consider adding ancillary services since they have a higher potential of increasing practice revenue than other options like opening up new locations, buying expensive equipment or hiring specialized staff. There are many opportunities for ancillary services, like point-of-care labs and imaging. For example, offering mammograms in the office will save patients a separate trip to the radiology lab. An immediate hemoglobin A1C test can help clinicians make better treatment decisions during their visit when administered by clinical support staff rather than physicians themselves. The possibilities of these services are extensive: dozens more!

An added benefit of our services is that we will provide all the necessary supplies and equipment to complete these tasks in your office. This means you won’t have to hire any additional staff members, so there’s no need for extra expenses! Bird Dog Pharma offers a wide variety of services in-house that are quick and cost effective. These include individual medical lab tests as well as full health screenings, including:

General Chemistry
Anatomical Pathology
Wellness and Disease-specific Panels
Allergy Testing

Not only do we provide the best allergy testing, Bird Dog Pharma’s immunotherapy treatment provides you with patient-specific care and allows for easy monitoring of their response to treatment. With 88% efficacy, this service is a must have in your practice. We offer you the chance to expand your service offerings without having out-of-pocket costs. You’ll be able to retain and attract more patients by offering them new services! There is no need for a referral with our convenient house calls, which means that we can come right when necessary so there’s continuity of care between visits. Contact us today if this sounds like an opportunity worth pursuing!


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