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Turnkey Allergy Solution


$0 Investment Required


Turnkey & Seamless Addition


Improved Continuity of Care

Better Patient Outcomes

Additional Revenue Stream

What Makes Us Different?

  • No contracts or minimum volumes
  • Attract new patients with a quality service offering
  • No on-site tech or additional exam rooms required
  • Our 2-minute finger prick test is easily accessible and quick to perform
  • No disruptions to your daily workflow
  • Conveniently test anyone at any time
  • Patients do not need to stop taking medications
  • 6-8 drops of blood tests for 62 environmental and 94 dietary allergens
  • Order personalized immunotherapy for your patients (shots or drops)
  • In-network billing with Medicare, replacements, commercial payers, and more…
  • No additional work or hassle for your staff
  • We can have you testing patients within a week

Collection of the blood sample in the physician’s office assures 100% patient compliance. No separate appointment or visit to the lab for blood collection by a phlebotomist is necessary.

Each patient sample is tested for 165 allergens simultaneously in triplicate, with positive and negative controls, for unsurpassed precision and accuracy. The dramatic test redundancy of the microarray platform enables high sensitivity and specificity values that are >96%.

In summary, ease of blood collection, improved patient compliance, an expanded allergen profile and Total IgE with strong predictive values provide significant advantages to both physician’s and patients over current ELISA methods.

How It Works

Step 1: Identify

The Chart Update Form is the foundation of our program (pic in the image gallery below)

Easily screen and identify candidates for allergy testing

Step 2: Test

Collect 6-8 drops of blood

No restrictions on medications, skin conditions, or age

Step 3: Results

Our CLIA Certified Lab produces results in 2-3 days 

Not only WHAT the patient is allergic to, but the SEVERITY of their reaction

Step 4: Treat

If the patient is a candidate, order the immunotherapy treatment sets and our Pharm-D will personalize each prescription

Shots (SCIT) and drops (SLIT) available for patient convenience and to increase patient compliance

Step 5: Billing

Our expert billing team handles all patient insurance claims and ongoing customer service

No additional work for your staff

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The Benefits

Patient Benefits

  • Patients lacking “Specialist” coverage will appreciate having access to quality allergy services and the quick turn-around times
  • 85% of compliant immunotherapy patients are able to reduce their allergy symptoms and medications within 6 months
  • OTC medications have negative side effects and only mask allergy symptoms; immunotherapy is the ONLY PROVEN treatment protocol that alters the underlying disease process, effectively treating the disease

Practice Benefits

  • The need for allergy services is increasing while the number of allergy specialists is decreasing. This creates an opportunity for you to maintain continuity of care and attract new patients
  • Primary Care Providers are 3x more successful at patient compliance and retention, than allergists
  • Our program facilitates rapid entry into offering allergy services and allows your practice to become cash flow positive from day one
  • A significant increase to your practice revenue without capital investments, hiring additional staff, or disrupting your daily workflow

Our Mission

Our mission is to support Primary Care Providers with in-office turnkey allergy solutions that help improve their patient’s quality of life, enhance continuity of care, and increase bottom line revenue. We achieve this by eliminating all staffing and financial burdens while delivering a comprehensive screening, testing, and treatment program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No. Our agreement is for an industry standard one (1) year with a 30 day out at any time.

How much does it cost to get started?

$0. Once you complete the Online Enrollment Form our lab will send testing kits to your practice free of charge. Test patients when you want without the hassle of minimum daily volumes.

Will training be provided?

Absolutely. Once your practice receives the testing kits we schedule a 10-minute call with your staff. We walk them through a testing kit, collection of samples, filling out req forms, shipping, retrieving patient reports, and answer any questions. They will also have a direct number for Customer Service for ongoing support.

What type of allergy testing is performed?

A simple finger prick blood test due to its accessibility, ease of administration, and ability to cover a diverse range of testing panels. Patients do NOT need to stop taking medications. 

What is included in a Testing Kit?

Blood collection card, requisition form, alcohol prep pad, finger prick lancet, 2×2 gauze, Band-Aid, and a detailed instruction card. There is also a complete picture in our Gallery.

What are you testing for?

Our vast panel measures the body’s IgE response to 62 environmental, 94 dietary allergens, 5 insect venoms, latex, and 4 other. This panel was designed to place a higher emphasis on environmental allergens while still maintaining a robust dietary offering. We test for things like molds, tree pollens, grasses, weeds, animals and insects along with the most common foods.

Who is most susceptible to allergies?

Allergies can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, race, or socioeconomic status. They are caused by a combination of both genetic and environmental influences. Specific allergies are not inherited but the chances of having allergies are greatly increased if an immediate family member has allergies.

Can I test kids?

Yes. We can test anyone over the age of six (6) months.

Do my patients need to fast or stop taking medications?

No. If this were a skin prick test they would. Our finger prick blood test does not require flushing medications and anyone with a skin disorder can also be tested.

How do I receive patient reports?

Final patient reports are typically ready in 2-3 business days. Once you enroll you will be sent a unique link to your secure, HIPAA Compliant portal which houses all patient reports in .pdf format. From there you can view, print, or click and drag them into your patient’s chart.

What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a treatment directed at decreasing your sensitivity to certain allergens. These particular allergens are identified with allergy testing. Specific amounts of natural allergen extracts are introduced into the body which help to produce antibodies that block allergic symptoms over time. Immunotherapy helps your body build up its natural resistance to the effects of tree, grass, and weed pollen, dust mites, mold spores, and animal dander. It is also the only proven medical treatment available that strengthens the immune system to provide lasting relief and prevent new allergies and asthma. A full course of immunotherapy can lead to long-term relief of your allergy symptoms even after the therapy has stopped. It contains no medication.

Do I have to be an allergist to order allergy services?

No. Testing and treatment can be ordered by an MD, DO, PA or NP.

How do I know when a patient would benefit from immunotherapy?

The patient report is color coded to show not only what the patient is allergic to but also the severity of their reaction. Part of our onboard training is to help you understand how to interpret results and order immunotherapy as you deem medically necessary.

How do I order the immunotherapy treatment sets?

From our proprietary lab portal you can “click to order” for patients you deem medically necessary. Once you e-sign the Rx for formulation we mix and ship to your office in 5-7 days. You will receive a one (1) year supply of subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT) along with an easy to follow shot schedule.

Can you mix immunotherapy for my clinic if I am using a different testing method?

Absolutely. If you are performing a scratch test, whole blood draw, or a patch test we can formulate and mix personalized immunotherapy treatment sets for your patients. Send us a message and we will have our Pharm-D review your results.

How long should a patient be on immunotherapy?

A typical regimen may take 1-3 years depending upon the severity of their allergies and geographic conditions. The first year provides the initial build-up of immunity and subsequent years are known as maintenance. We recommend prescribing an Epi-Pen for every patient on immunotherapy.

What is the efficacy rate for immunotherapy treatment?

Over 90% effective when formulated and taken properly. It has been proven in clinical studies to decrease allergy symptoms, medication use, prevent new allergies and asthma in children, and promote lasting-relief of allergy symptoms even after treatment is stopped. Research shows allergy immunotherapy is cost-effective and reduces overall health care expenses, including costs from prescription medicine use, office visits, hospitalizations, and missed work/school.

How do OTC medications differ from immunotherapy?

Over the counter medications only temporarily mask allergy symptoms, while immunotherapy is aimed at decreasing the patient’s sensitivity to the allergens by slowly administering increasing amounts of an allergen over several months. Allergy medications also can produce negative side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, headache, and insomnia.

Can immunotherapy eliminate allergies?

Yes, immunotherapy is known as the ONLY disease-modifying treatment for allergies. 85% of patient’s state that they achieve symptom relief within the first year of starting immunotherapy.

Do you treat dietary allergies?

No. We only treat patients with immunotherapy for environmental allergies. The best option for people with food allergies is to strictly avoid foods that cause symptoms.

Who does the billing?

We handle the burden of billing and collecting all patient insurance claims which means no additional workload on you your staff. Immunotherapy billing is very complex and has to be billed out over several weeks or even months with some insurance carriers. We have a proprietary system in place to monitor/bill each patient and each carriers billing protocols. We are in-network with most commercial and Federal insurance plans.

Is this covered by patients insurance?

Yes. Medicare, replacements, Medicaid, and all commercial payers cover allergy testing and immunotherapy. Most commercial payers consider allergy services “preventive” so the deductible and co-pays are waived. Rest assured knowing this service will not be a financial burden to your patients as we do not send anyone to collections.

Did You Know?

​1 out of 3 people in the U.S. have allergies or allergy related symptoms, according to the CDC.

Did You Know?

​Allergies are the 5th leading chronic disease and the 3rd most common in children.

Did You Know?

​In-office allergy services is the #1 source of medical ancillary revenue.

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