Offer More Value to Your Patients
& Increase Your Revenue

​With Annual Wellness Visits

​​AWV+ allows you to​ conveniently provide your patients annual wellness visits and preventive care plans. Our web-based program takes it a step further by identifying additional ancillary services like:

  • ​Labs
  • ​Toxicology
  • ​​Pharmacogenomics
  • Advanced Lab Panels
  • ​Allergy Testing
  • ​ANS/ABI Testing
  • ​Vestibular Testing
  • ​Cancer Screening

Why Whould Patients Want an AWV?

Our ​health risk assessment is designed to help doctors improve their patient's health outcome. It focuses on emergent and existing needs, identifying their risk factors for chronic disease and injury.


​It's Free!

The ​​Affordable Healtcare Act requires that ​the AWV is covered 100% with no co-pay or deductible.


​It's Easy!

​Hand the patient an iPad while they wait to see you. Once completed, an MA can print the reports for you to discuss with the patient.


​It's Convenient!

​No additional office visits or appointments to make. Simply complete it during a scheduled appointment.


​Better Insight!

​It gives the patient a preventive wellness plan in order to make better life decisions.

How Can AWV Benefit Your Practice?


​Close the care gap by identifying patient risk factors and developing a preventive plan.


​100% CMS compliant for data capture and patient counseling. Fully au​di​table!


​Your time is valuable. Hand the patient an iPad while they wait. They're done in 10-12 minutes!


​In addition to billing the AWV and E/M codes, our program will identify additional ​ services.

​How AWV+ Works for Physicians

Our program uses branching logic to identify health risk factors based on the individual’s lifestyle habits –and measures his or her readiness to change. This helps you focus interventions and programs on areas where they are most likely to have positive impact.

You have 24/7 access to raw data on all participants and groups in your program via a detail list. Administrators and analysts can perform deep analysis and customize their own reports.

Our ​program covers the following areas:

  • ​Personal ​Medical History
  • ​Family History
  • ​Doctors Office & ER Visits
  • check
    ​Fall Prevention
  • check
    ​Weight Management
  • check
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    Fitness & ​Nutrition
  • check
    ​Cognitive Impairment
  • check
    ​Substance Abuse
  • check
    Mental Health
  • check
    ​Functional Ability ​& Safety
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    Daily Habits

The Patient Report

Each participant receives a Personal Report immediately after completing the ​assessment. This easy-to-read, color-coded report is, organized into ​8 key areas, providing an Overall Wellness Score and briefly describing the impact of each risk factor on their health. ​ You, the physician, receive a one-page report that allows you to hone in on problem areas.

​Start Offering AWV+ This Week

​Setup is easy. We can get you going in as little as 2 days​, ​so you can start helping your patients and driving additional revenue quickly!

​AWV+ is provided by Birddog Wellness, a Houston-based company aiding physicians in their ​journey to improve patient care.