The Science

Multiplex Technology

NanoSpot™ is the first ELISA based in vitro multiplex allergy test allowing simultaneous measurement of total IgE (tIgE) and specific IgE (sIgE) against a plethora of allergen extracts and molecular allergens. 

Based on our test panel composition of 295 allergen extracts and molecular allergens, a near complete picture of each patient’s sensitization status is obtained. This is achieved by utilizing our proprietary nano-bead technology. Every allergen extract can be individually optimized for production. 

Each patient sample runs simultaneously in triplicate, with positive and negative controls, for unsurpassed precision and accuracy. The dramatic test redundancy of the microarray platform enables high senitivity and specifity values that are >96%.

The NanoSpot™ assay protocol integrates a powerful Cross-reactive Carbohydrate Determinants (CCD’s) inhibitor during serum incubation, which will clear up the specific IgE results. This reduces the interpretative burden for physicians of CCD positive patients and increases the specificity and accuracy of our test results.

Our easy to read patient report offers integrated result interpretation guidance for each positive allergen and can be easily generated in 24 different languages.

NanoSpot™ vs Skin Testing


No office visits or referrals required. No wait times. Collect a sample from the comfort of your own home


With a skin prick test you are required to stop taking all medications for a few days. Not with our finger prick test


Skin prick tests prick you 60x to test for 60 allergens. With us, 1 finger prick tests for 295 allergens


You run a risk of having an adverse reaction (anaphylaxis) with a skin prick test. NEVER with our simple finger prick


A skin prick test can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours and is VERY uncomfortable. Our at-home finger prick test takes 3 minutes

Robust Test Panel

Skin prick tests are typically limited to 70 allergens. Our panel tests for 295 environmental and dietary allergens along with molecular allergens


Skin prick tests allow for human interpretation and error. Our multiplex technology runs itself simultaneously in triplicate, with positive and negative controls, for unsurpassed precision and accuracy

Better Patint Outcomes

Our cutting edge, proprietary technology delivers high specificity and accuracy leading to better quality of care

Our Medical Experts

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